This is the second year that Pandora has offered a North American exclusive Black Friday Charm (BFC). Last year’s was the Midnight Hearts featuring 3 black hearts and 1 gold foiled heart engraved with 2011. This year’s charm is named a Precious Gift and which is a present with a red enamel bow and a Pandora “Ô” gift tag. One of the biggest criticisms is that there is no year engraved on this charm which is certainly disappointing. However, it is amazingly detailed as the edges of the ribbon are raised and goes all the way around the charm. My favorite is the moveable gift tag which adds just the right touch. I think I would have liked this bead even more if I didn’t know there was going to be a pink version out next season.

What impressed me even more is the packaging for the BFC and the bracelet set. I’m usually not super interested in the boxes that come with the jewelry, but I gotta say this one is adorable! It’s primarily the reason why I decided to get an extra charm . The bracelet set box is the one pictured in the Iconic Set re-introduction email that was sent out months ago. The best part is the second tier in the box which holds 12 charms individually.
This year’s BFC has seen a more limited release than last year’s Midnight Hearts which can still be found in some stores today. I hope that means Pandora has learned from last year what the demand is likely to be and has changed their production accordingly. The individual charms are selling out fast, but it sounds like the bracelet sets will last longer since retailers are not allowed to split them up and it’s at a higher price point. So, have you gotten your Precious Gift? What do you think?
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Happy Memorial Day! I couldn’t think of a better shoot to share for today. Desiree Dawn Events designed this shoot that was inspired by Desiree’s cousin, Sara. Sara and Erick were married a few years ago, then had their first child shortly after. Sara + Erick both serve in the United States Army and are both currently deployed overseas away from their baby girl. Desiree wanted to design a shoot to showcase and thank Sara and Erik for all that they – and all the others stationed abroad – do for us. Big thanks to Shea Christine Photography for the stunning photos!

From Desiree, This year, let’s remember who we’re memorializing on this day. Our veterans. Our fallen soldiers. It’s our grandparents, our parents, brothers or sisters, moms and dads. All gave some, and some gave all. God bless all of our soldiers and their families. Please come home safe! For all the weddings that never happened because lives were cut short, this is for you. And to Sara + Erick, if I could plan a wedding for you, this would be it.

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Every wedding is individual. Which is why you may see something that has been done before by someone else that you love. Does that mean you shouldn't use it for your own wedding? NO! There are loads of sites with all kinds of wedding inspiration and sure, all of these things have been done before but, NOT BY YOU! I stick by the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" so, if you are inspired by something someone else has done in their wedding, and you love it, by all means...make it yours!! The following items have been done before...over and over. That just means it must be a good idea! When you look back at your engagement and wedding photos, years down the road, I bet you will still love that you used some of these ideas!

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Currently 2.7bn people living in the developing world do not have access to any sort of financial service. At the same time 1bn people throughout Africa, Latin America and Asia own a mobile phone.

As a result, mobile money services are springing up all over the developing world. According to mobile industry group the GSMA there are now 65 mobile money systems operating around the globe, with a further 82 about to be launched.
It means their M-Pesa accounts will no longer be just about money transfer. Instead, they will become virtual bank accounts, allowing customers to open saving accounts, earn interest on their money and access credit and insurance products.

It is an extension to an earlier agreement with Equity Bank to allow M-Pesa customers to access their funds at ATMs around the country.

CGAP, a financial think tank based at the World Bank, was at the launch of M-Kesho.

"Kenya is sending a message to the world: poor people want savings accounts. Mobile banking is a powerful way to deliver savings services to the billion people worldwide who have a cell phone but not a bank account," said CGAP chief executive Alexia Latortue.
Now it is ready to move to the next stage. M-Pesa, has recently partnered with Kenya's Equity Bank to offer subscribers a savings account, called M-Kesho.
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"EVERY COLOR, EVERY SCHOOL" is NIKE DUNK born in 1985 and designed. This pair of players scheduled for the major U.S. universities tailor-made BASKETBALL Chaussure de Sport, all in the eighties and by AIR FORCE I AIR JORDAN I's there, so DUNK two of its thunder has long been fully covered shoes when playing too. Until 2008, DUNK declaration will be fully resurrection! nike tn letter continued with the insistence on the technology to build a new spring and summer 2008, works by imitating retro approach, creating a new DUNK boom.
In response to Beijing 08 Olympic Games will soon be coming, Nike (Nike) SPORTSWEAR family history is particularly selected from the brand 8 classics as the creative hub, and ultra-popular shoes AIR FORCE 1 is of course were great classics of the 8 list. This time to promote the Olympic sport, Nike (Nike) on the color of the Olympic Games in particular, graphics and other elements of different design features, respectively, into the shoes of the details in place, so that the full distribution of rich autumn shoes Olympic theme breath.
Love is not all brands have something to do with the band ah? Nike (Nike) and the Canadian heavy metal band 3 Inches of Blood jointly launched the Nike 6.0 Zoom Bang-shoes, purple, gray and red design on the color tone of the temptation to bring the imagination, to the faithful like it?
Undefeated Jordan series and once again to launch an Air Jordan 1 Undefeated athletic shoes, this cooperation is based on the most classic AJ Series Air Jordan 1 for the prototype, have been introduced this year is expected to engraved AJ 1, together with this co-operation with the Undefeated paragraph AJ 1, AJ 1 is the complex moment for the introduction of greater heat brought up, now this Air Jordan 1 Undefeated paragraph prices have since soared to 800 U.S. dollars.