Judith - Reber: build astronomical playful element Bag

Cute rocking horse, retro train, exquisite farms, fun clown, lips a rose ... ... if you are already immune to the law-abiding, handbags, then when they heard such a handbag, is not quite 2 shine The surprise?

Handbags for the girls who are under the wardrobe, never missing an item, regardless of the brand, regardless of price, they will always have a fatal attraction. Should there be so full of playful element and the new creative handbags, but also how to resist? Carrying them to appointments go quickly ... ...

Forest Fairy

Brac Ya Lini has a slogan: "Your door key, your ID card, your love of the photographs, your makeup, your little secret, your money and your life is in your handbag . "a simple sentence, showing that the founder of the brand handbags and love of life, even dared to imagine the full use of this work.

Brac Ya Lini the cartoons and fashion, traditional embroidery and tassels combined with luxurious fur with metals and precious stones, combined with fancy Patchwork and three-dimensional pattern, and then blends traditional Italian arts and crafts, a new style to subvert the traditional set model.

Fairy tales of the strange little things really emerged.

Butterfly bag butterfly body polish metal material will be too vivid, purple and black with the main body to create a romantic atmosphere of a mysterious, green, yellow rendering, add a butterfly Smart temperament. Gem mosaic wings is icing on the cake.

Red and gold pagoda bag with elegant and poised. Craftsmanship wonderful workmanship excelling nature, will be top of the tower and the tower bottom is also portrayed very vividly.

Rocking horse rocking horse adorned with colored pack saddle, gold and red stirrup reins. Calfskin simulation to run for special treatment of the skin, zippers at the horseshoe-shaped design is very clever, adding a witty sense of. Load-bearing xenoliths at the bottom of reinforcement processing to facilitate admission of goods and Fang Chen.

Sunflowers van full leather hand-sewn bag body, head, body gems inlaid, hand-painted sunflowers, rainbow and other cartoon images to enhance the overall taste. Detail at the use of metal inclusions in the reinforcement at the same time adds practicality.

Retro classic black and white train packages use a low-key build out the retro luxury train packages. Locomotive department uses invisible zipper, there is no destruction of the entire section of the train a sense of style. Details of the convergence of the metal body of the packs to increase the stability of sense, is able to adjust the length of the package with a very intimate.

Crown bag black inclusions in white, red stones echoed under the shine. Streamline the overall design, large opening zipper easier to collect items, simple and clear chiaroscuro to highlight a sense of absolute luxury.

Alarm package full leather hand-stitched, diamond numbers skillfully depicts the details of the use of the alarm clock was vivid.

Midnight fashion wizard

Judith - Reber's name may be strange for you, but if watched "Sex and the City", I remember carrying heroine inside the Eiffel Tower Wan Yanbao packages and cake people, right Judith - there is then the point Reber concept.

Judith - Judith Leiber is the designer - Reber in 1963 to create the same name brand. Ingenuity of the design concept, to make her popular Hollywood star and social circles Wan Yanbao favorite celebrities. Of each U.S. president's inaugural ceremony, it is accompanied by the First Lady about shining "star."

Designer good with precious stones, crystal stones, agate, and pearl shell piece together the different patterns, noble and beautiful. Not only are they small purse, more like a piece of art, is housed in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Each Judith - Reber Wan Yanbao nothing but palm-sized, slender weak capacity of the cell phone is almost not even fit into, but Judith - Miss Lei Bo is explained, "In the night, you need to bring a lipstick, a few hundred dollar bills and credit card, you can go to any place, so my bag is a practical design! and most of the bags comes with chain belt, drinking cocktails can paranotum, you can drink more elegant had. "

Each one must be drilled metal Wanyan Bao, design patterns, and then manually paste is also smaller than a grain of rice Swarovski crystals, an average of more than 13,000 bags to use crystal stars, quite time-consuming.

For the design of high complexity, but also frequently a few months or even a year to complete.

Judith - Reber's Wanyan Bao is a mouthwatering Rose, is a delicate charming basket, is a life-like dolphin ... ... carrying such a bag dinner, even a very non -

Interest of the party, playing in the hands of spiritual things, is enough to have enjoyed every minute.



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