How many things do you know about shoes?

First, the structure of running shoes
Sports shoes manufacturers have already carried out the majority of the feet in sports biomechanics research, and feet for different characteristics to produce the appropriate footwear to meet the needs of different people. Running shoes can be divided into five kinds according to their function (control action class, shock absorber padded type, stability class, race categories, cross-country category), shoes can be divided into straight, semi-curved type, curved type 3.
Better-quality running shoes, no matter what the brand of its main structure has similarities. Which is contact with the ground outside the bottom layer, texture fraction harder, wear-resistant, Chaussure de Spor,non-slip function. There are a few very light running shoes did not have at the end, these shoes are only suitable for running on a treadmill wearing. Middle bottom is the most important damping layer than the outer end of soft, arch support office can control the shoe bending distortion power, and to fall when the impact force transmitted to the soles of his feet from the heel. Shock absorber inside the shoe heel is the most important, each brand has its own technology and features. In the end can often be removed, it is the shock absorption and correct shortcomings feet last line of defense. Upper is designed to allow the feet and the shoes closely, both ventilation cooling function. The hard shoe heel can help to improve the stability of foot landed.
Second, sport shoes feature
In accordance with the different features, sports shoes can be divided into the following five kinds:
1, the control action categories: suitable for moderate to severe varus-type feet, as well as people with higher body weight, it can enhance the runners on the heel and running motion control, and can support the arch area. Position is characterized by its external arch thickening, Cheap Nike Shoes, the weight of middle-emphasis.
2, shock absorber padded categories: technology better suited to running, with their feet before the palm or the middle floor, with feet and lateral support of the runners. Secondary emphasis on weight shoes, thick soles.
3, stable categories: suitable for mild to moderate varus foot type, with their feet in central and lateral support of the runners. Shoes from the weight of medium.Tennis Racquet Shop can provide you high quality shoes.
4, competition categories: technology is better suited to running, weight lighter or mild varus foot runner to use. Since the shoe lighter.
5, cross-country categories: sole thick, deep groove, suitable for land, forest and other natural ground running when you wear. Since the weight of heavier shoes.